1. OpenGL Drivers

Drivers needed to use OpenGL

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Here I have gathered the OpenGL drivers, the OpenGL library files along with the OpenGL header and include files for compilers. The include files (.h) go into the include folder, and the library files (.lib) go into the library folder. Also the drivers (.dll) will go into your system folder (windows prior to 2000) or in your system32 folder (windows 2000 and greater).

Note: If you are not using Windows Visual C++ 6 then you may have to link the opengl library files to your project manually.

*Keep in mind, not all files here may be up to date, look for more recent version of glut, glew, glext and vbogl.*


DLL Files / Drivers

Include: glu32.dll, glut32.dll, glut.dll, opengl32.dll



Visual Basic Type Library




C++ Include Files

Include: GLU.H, GL.H, GLAUX.H, GL/GL.H, GL/GLAUX.H, GL/glext.h, GL/GLU.H, GL/glu_.h, GL/glut.h



C++ Library Files

Include: GLAUX.LIB, OPENGL32.LIB, glut32.lib, glu32.lib



All the Files in one Download (C++)

Include: All files mentioned above


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