Zigai is a game I am developing partially for school, but mainly as a hobby. The game is a multiplayer first person shooter, with a few twists. It is based in a futuristic city, which is actual size like in the cities of GTA or Omikron. Apart from being on a huge scale, this game features the PhysX API to allow for destructible everything. I mean that seriously, if you play on a server long enough, you may find the entire city has been levelled by players with rocket launchers and grenades. In the centre of the city, is a preservation square, which inside consists of grassland and the Urquhart castle from Scotland, which will also be destructible, where your characters can just take a break (you cannot shoot into or out of the preservation square). Currently, I have been working on the graphical abilities, so once I have fully implemented stencil shadow volumes, you can expect to see the actual building and models.

Features will include:

*Full Scale City

*Fully Destructible

*Ability to Ally with certain players instead of the standard Red vs Blue, Axis vs Allies, Terrorists vs Counter Terrorists, etc

*Current generation visual effects including – stencil shadow volumes, high dynamic range lighting, parallax (occlusion) mapping, dynamic lighting with bump mapping.

*Surround Sound

*PhysX API

*Particle Effects



BuildingBuildingStencil Shadow


Water is an implementation of the Gerstner Waves algorithm, it was based on some Uni lecture slides I found online a while back. It looks alot better animated, so might upload a .gif to show it off.

Features will include:

*Animated Bump Mapping

*Fresnel Reflection/Refraction

*DU/DV Mapping

*Animated Gerstner Waves



I have been working on a 2D cloud simulator which I believe is starting to look pretty good. My next step is to advance it to 3D, probably via stretching this 2D texture over a skydome.

Features include:

*HDR Glow


*Animated Dynamic Clouds

*Animated Bump Mapping

*Exonential function for correct colours within the 0.0f – 1.0f range when determening cloud and sky colour.


Terrain Generation

The first area I ever looked into with 3D graphics, was terrain generation, so that is what I have been focusing on for the last few years (in small doses). Currently it loads in the heightmap data, the textures, normal maps, and renders them, but I will be adding the ability for random terrain generation. The heightmaps, textures and normal maps were created with L3DT, which I highly recommend for anyone looking into this area. I am loading one giant texture at the moment, but when I add the random terrain abilities, I will be using smaller textures. I have also added water which consists of both reflections and refractions and works quite well. I even added the PhysX API so that I could add models and have them interact with the terrain (roll over). The Terrain is not at this stage destructible, but it is a feature I wish to add.

Features include:

*Dynamic Lighting

*Brute Force Terrain Rendering stored inside VBO’s

*Random Terrain Generation

*Bump Mapping



*Water with reflections and refractions

*PhysX API


BuildingPondClearing 2