Welcome to Swiftless Tutorials. We have been around on the internet for the better part of 10 years! We are slowly getting the site back up after it had been left to grow on its own for a couple of years. I’m proud to say we have a new cleaner look, updated tutorials and more tutorials to come! Follow us on Facebook to show your support.

The site features tutorials for OpenGL 2.x with the fixed function pipeline, OpenGL 4.x which is shader based, GLSL to teach you how to use the shaders and a few other bits and bobs including some basic math, PhysX (back before Nvidia bought it, but still pretty relevant) and some introduction to terrain generation using VBOs. There’s also a minor WebGL appearance which might get some more love in the upcoming months.

I have been delayed in writing up the version 2.0 tutorials due to work commitments, however you can see I have started them in the regular OpenGL section of the site and this is where I am spending most of my time at the moment. If anyone is interested in helping out with the site, drop me an email at swiftless@gmail.com.

Good luck coding!