Hey, I am Donald Urquhart, also known as Swiftless online, and I am the man behind www.swiftless.com. At the young age of 22, I have just graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development) and have just been accepted into my Honours year in Information Technology, but I have been programming since 2002.

I started off by learning Visual Basic 6.0 when I started High School, before quickly progressing on to C, C++, C#, Java, Python, HTML, PHP, ASP and XML. I have also had experience with several more specialised languages such as GML and ActionScript and this is in no way a complete list.

Specialising in computer graphics with the use of OpenGL, I am dedicated to this site and to helping others who are wanting to learn computer graphics, and game development.
Donald Urquhart
While studying at University, I did an internship in the Wearable Computer Lab from the University of South Australia, where I did research and development in the field of Augmented Reality and User Interfaces before moving into the MagicVision Lab where I also did research and development in Augmented Reality.

Having experience developing for several platforms, I am a major supporter of cross platform development, and have experience developing for PC, Mac, Linux and the XBox 360, including moving to mobile devices such as the Nokia N900 and Apple iPhone 4.

Outside of my studies and the online communities, I also work for a small development company named Dalvik and am the lead developer on several different projects. Dalvik is a relatively small software development company, but over the next few years, I hope will grow. However, I hope to get into the field of computer game development, with my sights set towards some of the big gaming companies *cough* Blizzard *cough*.


Swiftless.com has been around on the internet for over 5 years, and even still, is being looked after by it’s original developer. Swiftless.com has from the very start, been all about the community, and teaching the community about computer programming. It’s goal today, is to improve on the knowledge that it contains to help more and more people get into the field of computer programming, and game development.