Site Re-vamp

You’ve probably noticed the site is looking a little different today. I’ve been putting some work into making the site look and act nicer than it has before.

For anyone viewing pages where code doesn’t fit in the left hand column, well don’t fret, we no longer have a persistent right hand column! Making the site so much wider. We also have a new, cleaner and brighter theme, feel free to give me some feedback and I’ll see what I can do to improve it even further.

On top of this, the site is faster than ever and the ads should be placed a little nicer throughout so they don’t impact on the content as much.

I’ve also got another 3 tutorials written up. They are all for OpenGL 2.x and 2 of them are rewrites of existing tutorials with a broader focus on computer graphics and 3d animation what things mean. There’s also a new tutorial coming on the depth buffer to try and explain that to new users looking to get into computer graphics and OpenGL.

I only have to finish up the code portions of these as the content is already written and drafted and I’ll be getting on to these ASAP. I’ve got my latest development setup including Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8, but these tutorials are portable to any Visual Studio IDE and Windows XP and higher without any hiccups as well as being easily compiled on OSX and Linux. OSX I’ve tested a lot of the code with Xcode and for Linux I’ve simply used the command line.

This blog section will also start being used as a blog and won’t focus entirely on OpenGL. I do a lot of web development for work and I’ll be putting up anything interesting I’ve found/find along the way.

Happy coding all!

  • August 24, 2013