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After a while delayed from the site (I’m working, doing my thesis and getting ready for my wedding!), I have come along for a quick change to the site.


I have switched the theme entirely, hopefully the site looks a little more professional and easy to read/navigate.


Major changes are removal of rating system. The site was on a steady 8.7 rating and this plugin was simply chewing up bandwidth I can put to use elsewhere. However I have added a Facebook “Like” button and a Google “+1” button to every post, so please share or rate up the page for others to view.


As for content, which is what most of you are after. I still don’t have time. I’m busy working virtually full-time along with my full-time studies and all this to get my degree so I can make money later, while making money now to pay for my wedding which is coming up in Feb next year.


If anyone is interested in volunteering to help out with the website, re-write some of the older posts, provide images or movies of the tutorials which don’t have them, etc. Drop me an email at and I’ll be more than happy to link to your site if you have one, or mention you on the site.




  • June 2, 2011
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