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Swiftless GLSL Shader Developer

Swiftless GLSL Shader Developer is a new shader designer/creator which is currently in it's first public release. It features fragment, vertex and geometry shader support, as well as post processing.

6. Terrain Vertex Buffer Objects

Terrain Vertex Buffer Object Tutorial PreviewVertex Buffer Objects are used to store vertices, their indices and other information on the graphics card, for OpenGL to access directly. They are extremely fast and effecient, and are meant to supersede Display Lists. So lets use them for our terrain!

4. GLSL Lighting

Tutorial PreviewGLSL also overwrites the default lighting in OpenGL, but once again, OpenGL passes all lighting information through to us in GLSL for us to use. This tutorial will teach you how to use this information to perform per-vertex lighting, identical to that in standard OpenGL.

26. OpenGL Vertex Alphas

OpenGL Vertex Alpha Tutorial PreviewAlpha values, just like colours, can be assigned on a per-vertex basis. This allows for varying levels of transparency across objects.

25. OpenGL Vertex Coloring

OpenGL Vertex Coloring Tutorial PreviewAlong with assigning colours to objects, did you know you can also set colours to individual vertices? Well yes, yes you can.