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8. Bump Mapping in GLSL

GLSL Bump Mapping Tutorial PreviewBump mapping adds an extra sense of realism to today's computer graphics applications that is so simple, it just cannot be ignored. Learn how to do this in GLSL with OpenGL.

5. Terrain Textures

Terrain Texture Tutorial PreviewTextures are going to be what make and break this terrain. A nice looking tutorial, and you will be seeing grass, mud, rocks and sand, but a bad texture and you will see just a bunch of colors. Lets add a nice texture to our terrain shall we?

7. Texturing in GLSL

Tutorial PreviewGLSL also gives us the texture coordinates that we assigned in OpenGL. This means that if you pass the texture id to the shader, you can replicate all the texturing done in OpenGL.

33. OpenGL Animating Textures

OpenGL Animating Textures Tutorial PreviewTextures by themselves are perfectly fine, you don't have to do anything with them. But have you ever wanted to load a movie into a 3D scene? Maybe you want to read a movie file, and display it on a quad moving around your scene. Well you can, but you have to do it frame, by frame.

31. OpenGL Sphere Creation

OpenGL Sphere Tutorial PreviewWhile GLUT provides a sphere for us to draw, that sphere does not contain texture coordinates. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create your own sphere, which has texture coordinates included. Now you can make that solar system demo you have always wanted!

20. OpenGL MipMap Generation

OpenGL Mipmap Tutorial PreviewMip maps are an essential texture extension, which creates scaled down versions of a texture and uses them when an object gets further away, or closer to the near plane. This scaled down version of the texture, makes for nicer, smoother looking textures.

17. OpenGL Texture Coordinate Generation

OpenGL Texture Coordinate Generation Tutorial PreviewWhen assigning a texture to an object, you need to declare the texture coordinates, little values between 0 and 1 that tell us which part of the image maps to which part of the 3D model. OpenGL has some texture coordinate methods for generic texturing.

16. OpenGL Texturing

OpenGL Texturing Tutorial PreviewThe next step in the quest for realism after lighting, comes in the form of texturing. Texturing is the art of drawing an image on top of a 3D object and is the core behind all 3D applications. Could you imaging Half Life 2 coming out, and the characters looked like store mannequins?