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6. GLSL Materials

Tutorial PreviewJust like lighting and coloring, OpenGL will pass us the material information for objects, allowing us to light our objects just as they would be in the fixed function OpenGL state. This tutorial will show you how to get and use the material information on your lit objects.

5. GLSL Per Pixel Lighting

Tutorial PreviewPreviously, we looked at simuling OpenGL per vertex lighting. Now we are going to learn how to do per pixel lighting, achieving a more realistic lighting effect.

4. GLSL Lighting

Tutorial PreviewGLSL also overwrites the default lighting in OpenGL, but once again, OpenGL passes all lighting information through to us in GLSL for us to use. This tutorial will teach you how to use this information to perform per-vertex lighting, identical to that in standard OpenGL.

13. OpenGL Lighting Types

OpenGL Lighting Types Tutorial PreviewOpenGL provides us with not one, but three different types of lights we can make, directional lights, point lights and spot lights. I will try to teach you about how each is different, and how to use them.

12. OpenGL Materials and Lighting

OpenGL Lighting Materials Tutorial PreviewNow you have your scene looking a little nicer with some lighting, but all objects are a gray colour. Here we will learn how to assign materials to shapes to change how they look under different lighting conditions.

11. OpenGL Lighting

OpenGL Light Tutorial PreviewFlatly colouring shapes is perfect, if we want an unrealistic look to our scene. But for realism, we really want to add some sort of lighting system. You can learn here how to use OpenGL's lighting system for a more realistic scene.