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5. OpenGL 4 Vertex Buffer Objects (VBOs) for Color

Because OpenGL 3.x and OpenGL 4.x deprecated and then removed virtually all of the fixed function pipeline, how do we colour our polygons these days?. This tutorial will show you how to use two Vertex Buffer Objects inside of a Vertex Array Object to both draw and colour our shapes at the same time.

3. GLSL Coloring

Tutorial PreviewColoring in GLSL overwrites any colors you introduced into your application. But OpenGL can pass your colors to GLSL for you to use.

25. OpenGL Vertex Coloring

OpenGL Vertex Coloring Tutorial PreviewAlong with assigning colours to objects, did you know you can also set colours to individual vertices? Well yes, yes you can.

5. OpenGL Color (Version 2.0)

OpenGL Color Tutorial PreviewColour is one of the fundamental building blocks of a scene. Colours can be used to portray mood, realsim, fictions, intensity, or anything else. It's up to the artist, and in this case, you are the artist.