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24. OpenGL Camera Part 3

OpenGL Camera 3Tutorial PreviewThe first person camera is done, lets take a look at the third person camera, which is essential any type of Role Playing Game. The best part is, this tutorial uses most of the same code as the previous camera tutorial. Just some minor changes to entirely change the feel of your game.

23. OpenGL Camera Part 2

OpenGL Camera 2 Tutorial PreviewHere I will be extending upon the previous OpenGL Camera tutorial, and adding a strafe feature (moving side to side). A game without strafing, is going to be terrible, especially when it comes to multiplayer when strafing against enemy fire is essential.

22. OpenGL Camera

OpenGL Camera Tutorial PreviewIf you look at making any game where the scene is larger than can be displayed in the window at once, then you are going to need some type of camera system. This is the first of several tutorials on building a first person camera system.