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CSS for fixing older tutorials!

Hi Everyone,

Atli has commented on a post with the following CSS which (without testing it personally), should make the older tutorials readable up until I get the time to make them fit in with …

Site Information

After a while delayed from the site (I’m working, doing my thesis and getting ready for my wedding!), I have come along for a quick change to the site.


I have switched the theme entirely, hopefully the site looks …

WebGl Demo/Tutorial

Hey Everyone,

In a sneak addition to the site, I have put up a demonstration of how to set up a WebGL canvas!

WebGL for those that do not know, is a form of OpenGL based on the OpenGL ES …

WebGL Canvas

WebGL is an awesome new technology seen in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, which allows OpenGL to be rendered inside of a HTML 5 canvas element. This tutorial is an example of how to set up your canvas for drawing.

Sorry for the delay!

Hey Everyone,

After a long time of waiting, I have finally put up a new tutorial on OpenGL 4, this time showing how to use two VBO’s inside of our VAO to color and draw our shapes at the same …

5. OpenGL 4 Vertex Buffer Objects (VBOs) for Color

Because OpenGL 3.x and OpenGL 4.x deprecated and then removed virtually all of the fixed function pipeline, how do we colour our polygons these days?. This tutorial will show you how to use two Vertex Buffer Objects inside of a Vertex Array Object to both draw and colour our shapes at the same time.

Another Tutorial

Hey all,

As promised, I have put up a new tutorial, this time for OpenGL 3.x and 4.x showing how to use VAO’s and VBOS (Vertex Array Objects and Vertex Buffer Objects) to render geometry to the screen.


4. OpenGL 4 Vertex Array Objects (VAO)

OpenGL 3.x and OpenGL 4.x deprecated virtually all client side rendering calls such as glEnable(GL_TRIANGLES) and glVertex3f, so how do we render things these days?. This tutorial will show you how to use Vertex Array Objects and Vertex Buffer Objects to render in compliance with OpenGL 3.x and up at blistering speeds compared to previous rendering methods in OpenGL.

Delay no more

Hey everyone,

There has been quite a delay since my last update to the site, about 2 and a bit months I believe.

Well I have finished Uni for the year now and plan to get back into the swing …

OSX and PC

OSX and PC

This article is going to give a brief comparison of OSX and Windows 7 in relation to OpenGL programming, and programming in general. I am in no way wanting to start a flame war, but feel free