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Another OpenGL 4 Tutorial! Matrices!

Hey all,

I apologize for the delay, especially since this tutorial is not massive. Currently I am on Uni holidays, but I have been working and doing assignments.

However I have found time to finish …

3. OpenGL 4 Matrices

OpenGL 3.x and OpenGL 4.x remove all matrix functions and force the developer to handle all matrices themselves. This is both a good and a bad thing. For beginners it takes a little more effort to understand OpenGL itself, and for professionals, it allows you complete freedom over your matrices.

Haven’t Forgotten

Hey everyone,

This post is just to let everyone know that I have not forgotten about the site. I have been extremely busy with university and while I have got the and done for the next three OpenGL 4 tutorials, …

Second OpenGL 4 Tutorial now up!

Hey Everyone,

The second of the new OpenGL 4 tutorials is now up and available for reading and downloading. This one introduces the GLSL shaders from the GLSL section of the site in to our new OpenGL 4 framework.


2. OpenGL 4 Shaders

OpenGL 3.x and OpenGL 4.x rely on you to use shaders for all of your effects. This tutorial will show you how to incorporate the shaders from the GLSL section of the site into our new framework.

First OpenGL 4 Tutorial Now Up

Hey Everyone,

I have just finished up the first of the OpenGL 4 tutorials. These will come with a downloadable PDF version as well as the Visual Studio 2010 project files.

When I get on my PC next, I will …

1. OpenGL 4 Window

OpenGL 3.x and OpenGL 4.x came out all of a sudden, but not many people made the switch. Here you will learn how to create a window with an OpenGL 3.2 capable context, which can be used as a basis for further tutorials.

New Bump Mapping Tutorial

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a little while, but I have finally pumped out another tutorial, this time on bump mapping using GLSL.

Go take a look and let me know what you think.


Also do not forget to …

8. Bump Mapping in GLSL

GLSL Bump Mapping Tutorial PreviewBump mapping adds an extra sense of realism to today's computer graphics applications that is so simple, it just cannot be ignored. Learn how to do this in GLSL with OpenGL.

Swiftless GLSL Shader Developer

Swiftless GLSL Shader Developer is a new shader designer/creator which is currently in it's first public release. It features fragment, vertex and geometry shader support, as well as post processing.