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ASP.NET WebForms + UpdatePanels = Slow + Overhead

Everyone knows this but at the same time, everything I have found on the topic involves a lot of hunting.

AVOID UpdatePanels and just go straight into ajax with JSON payloads – if you even must use WebForms.

I knew …

ADODB + VB6 = 100 Database Connection Limit

Here’s an obscure one for 2019 that calls back to the 1990’s.

Did you know that database connections in VB6 had an obscure hard-limit of 100 simultaneous database connections through ADODB that literally could not be bypassed and was referenced …

ASP Classic to WebForms

It had to be done – here’s how we did it.

ASP.NET WebForms is an older technology now, designed to be written in a similar way to WinForms.

If you’ve inherited an old ASP Classic website (I did at a …

Code Comments and the Lazy Programmer

I’m a lazy programmer. I really am. Not lazy in the sense that I don’t do anything, but lazy in that I actively seek out ways I can make my life easier and get a kick out of making other …

Why Learn OpenGL 2

Hey everyone, I’ve managed to put up both the Version 2.0 rewrites of the OpenGL 2.x tutorials for Blending and Scaling. Still going strong!

With this though begs the question as to why I see OpenGL 2.x still being a …

Site Re-vamp

You’ve probably noticed the site is looking a little different today. I’ve been putting some work into making the site look and act nicer than it has before.

For anyone viewing pages where code doesn’t fit in the left hand …

Still alive!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the site, the last post I made was in September last year. I’m still alive and the site is only growing in popularity, slowly but surely.

Every couple of months …